How to Live a Long and Healthy Life, the Three Most Powerful Habits That Guarantee You'll Never Get Sick, and the Other Four Foundational Elements of a Healthy Lifestyle

Nov 03 , 2022

How to Live a Long and Healthy Life, the Three Most Powerful Habits That Guarantee You'll Never Get Sick, and the Other Four Foundational Elements of a Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy comes easily, but recovering from illness is challenging. In reality, excellent health is not hard to sustain, but it does require persistence, constant activity, and savvy decision-making to regain. When your body is ready, it will cure itself. It's up to you to facilitate this development. How healthy someone is depends on four main factors.

First, consider whether or not they are getting the proper nutrition for their body. Many modern meals hardly count as nutrition for the body. That's why the healthcare industry has a trillion dollar annual revenue stream and why over 60% of Americans are overweight. So much of the typical American diet consists of empty calories. Eating healthy, wholesome food is simple, but it's a choice you have to make for yourself.

The second factor is whether or not the individual has a cork up their... Have they got the runs? Whether or whether the body can successfully remove poisons. Constipation is not exclusive to the digestive system. The starving or squeezing of a set of organs is a common mechanism in sickness. Sometimes it's due to food particles getting stuck in the gears. Certain meals contribute to clogged arteries while others help clear them. The organs receive either nourishment or destruction from the foods we eat.

And finally, the third factor: Do they feel loved? When it comes to being healthy, nothing beats the power of love. When two people care about one another, they share meals together. The high standard of the meal is a token of their love for one another. The way you love has a direct impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. It's simple to maintain a healthy body and a healthy capacity for love.

Part Four: Do they take pride in their work and believe they are making a difference, even if it seems pointless to others? This mindset is more crucial to health than one's occupation or financial status. This means having friends, feeling respected, and working toward a common goal. Like love, it tends to the embers within and provides the greatest asset to recovery: hope. If you steadily work to enhance these four areas, you'll soon be on the path to optimal health.

Let yourself off the hook now. Feelings of guilt, stupidity, and victimization are common responses to health problems. Realize that these days, good health appears like a distant possibility for many individuals, regardless of whether you believe you make your own health or that problems suddenly fall out of the sky. A failure on the part of health educators has led to a medical expense that exceeds a trillion dollars. The trouble lies in the fact that your rational mind wasn't made to manage your body's well-being. Take another look at that.

Although it can be helpful, your conscious mind lacks the necessary expertise. The autonomic (or "automatic") nervous system is in charge of things like detoxification and locating nutritious foods. To give only one illustration: When you're low on a certain nutrient, this is what the body does. All blood goes via the liver, the largest internal organ, which detects that the blood is low in that nutrient, therefore it sends a message to the tongue, generating a crystalline pattern in the saliva, that mimics the food that provides that nutrient.

Because the nose is in the area, it quickly locates the meal. The brain's normal processing speed for these messages is far faster than the brain's conscious rate. Unfortunately, the autonomic system needs a variety of nutrients that current eating options simply don't provide. Really, it's as easy as that. Hybridized wheat and cow dairy are the glue of the American diet; they are inexpensive, abundant, and have a high profit margin. Elmer's white craft glue is a good analogy for casein, which is abundant in wheat and cow's milk. That's why Elsie the Cow represents their brand.

Manufacturers have discovered an even more cost-effective food source in soy, which is rich in the estrogens that promote obesity and hormonal difficulties and may help explain why today's generation has only half the fertility of their grandparents. Many people's low health is a direct result of their decision to consume these glues. The body is meant to evolve gradually and gracefully. Recognize that the structure of the cell determines how quickly the body can repair itself as you make progress in your recovery.

When a new cell is produced, it is tailored to the level of nutrients that is available at the time. Because it hates to waste food, your body won't make a super cell that can process tons of nutrients if there's just a tiny amount of those nutrients available. No matter how healthy your food is or how many supplements you take, your body's existing cells can only absorb so much. However, if your nutritional status is kept optimal, your body will produce cells with greater potential in the next generation. They, too, won't be operating at peak efficiency because their lesser skills need to overlap the stronger ones of their predecessors in order to fill the matrix.

If you keep up a particularly healthy diet, future generations will be able to push your nutritional boundaries even farther. That's why achieving peak health takes time. Red blood cells, for instance, last for about 120 days, therefore how many generations of cells would it take before you reach maturity? Then, to remain feeling great, you need to keep feeding your body with a healthy diet and maybe even some supplements here and there.

Meaning: Don't stop the dance party once you've begun! Consistency, patience, and a persistent focus on bettering one's diet, detoxifying routine, relationships, and occupation are the three habits that ultimately lead to optimal health.